Woodward & Davey

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Hand and frame knitting in hand dyed silk, wool and indigo dyed cotton.

Tony Davey and Jennifer Woodward have been working in knitted textiles for over 30 years and have exhibited at major arts and crafts events in the UK and America.

In hand dyed yarns they produce a range of ‘one off’ handknits, mainly as kimono style jackets. These are highly complex pieces of knitting.

In indigo dyed cotton they both hand knit and hand frame a range of garments including traditional fisher ganseys, kimono jackets and cardigans.

Studio address: 64 Bailey Street, Castle Acre, PE32 2AG
Directions: Take Swaffham A1065 towards Fakenham. Turn left for Castle Acre. Entering village studio is on right.

Tel: 01760 755 507
Website: www.woodwardanddavey.com